How To Study Financial Law?

bankFinancial law has been an excited area of law in recent years as a result of the latest global financial crisis. This subject studies both transactional and regulatory rules and statutes relating to various financial activities, markets and institutions. Financial law can be broadly divided into three areas: banking, securities and insurance. As an interdisciplinary subject, it requires students with broad knowledge in law, economics and finance. It has never been easy to study financial law as it contains a vast amount of information for you to analyse and understand. To begin with, I recommend you to frequently read some well-known financial newspapers and magazines, such as the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Economist, to keep you up-to-date with what happens in global financial markets. Besides, you will find articles in some specialised financial law journals a useful tool to have an insight into the industry. Some leading journals in this filed include Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation, Banking and Finance Law Review and Butterworths Journal of International Banking and Financial Law. This blog will publish the index of the latest issues of such journals for you to catch up.

Moreover, the most convenient way to study financial law is to follow this blog via Twitter or the Email List, which is a website dedicated to the study and research of international financial law (very few are available).