This page presents Dr Lerong Lu’s recent academic publications and conference papers.

Journal Articles:

  • Lerong Lu, ‘Shadow Banking for Cash-Strapped Entrepreneurs: A Study of Private Lending Agreements Under Chinese Contract Law’ (2018) Journal of Business Law (forthcoming)
  • Lerong Lu, ‘How A Little Ant Challenges Giant Banks? The Rise of Ant Financial (Alipay)’s Fintech Empire and Relevant Regulatory Concerns’ (2018) International Company and Commercial Law Review (forthcoming)
  • Lerong Lu, ‘Decoding Alipay: Mobile Payments, A Cashless Society and Regulatory Challenges’ (2018) Butterworths Journal of International Banking and Financial Law (forthcoming)
  • Lerong Lu, ‘Financial Technology and Challenger Banks in the UK: Gap Fillers or Real Challengers?’ (2017) Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation, Vol. 32(7), pp. 273-282.
  • Lerong Lu and Longjie Lu, ‘Unveiling China’s Stock Market Bubble: Margin Financing, the Leveraged Bull and Governmental Responses’ (2017) Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation, Vol. 32(4), pp. 146-160.
  • Lerong Lu, ‘Private Banks in China: Origin, Challenges and Regulatory Implications’ (2016) Banking and Finance Law Review, Vol. 31(3), pp. 585-599.
  • Lerong Lu, ‘Runaway Bosses in China: Private Lending, Credit Crunches, and the Regulatory Response’ (2015) Financial Regulation International, Vol. 18(9), pp. 1-13.

If you would like to download any of Dr Lu’s academic papers, please visit or Social Science Research Network (SSRN).

Conference Papers and Invited Presentations:

  • Lerong Lu, ‘The Financing Dilemma of Private Businesses in China: Runaway Bosses, Credit Crisis and Governmental Responses’ (Asian Law and Society Association Annual Conference 2016, National University of Singapore, September 2016)
  • Lerong Lu, ‘The Rise of P2P Lending: Alternative Finance for Chinese Entrepreneurs’ (The Challenges of Commercial Law in the 21st Century: ICCL 2016 Annual PGR Conference, Durham University Law School, June 2016)
  • Lerong Lu, ‘Alternative Financing for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in China’ (7th Queen Mary Postgraduate Legal Research Conference 2016, Queen Mary University of London, June 2016)
  • Lerong Lu, ‘Financial Exclusion of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the UK’ (Cultures of Credit Workshop: Interdisciplinary and Comparative Perspectives on Financial Exclusion, Leeds University Business School, April 2016)
  • Lerong Lu, ‘Solving Financial Inequality for Smaller Businesses in the UK’ (CBLP Seminar, School of Law, University of Leeds, February 2016)
  • Lerong Lu, ‘Unveiling China’s Stock Market Bubble: Margin Financing and the Regulatory Response’ (International Postgraduate Legal Conference 2016: Emerging Issues in Law, University of Liverpool, January 2016)
  • Lerong Lu, ‘Challenges and Changes of Chinese Banking Sector’ (ESSL Postgraduate Research Conference 2015, University of Leeds, March 2015)
  • Lerong Lu, ‘China’s Deposit Insurance and Transformation of Banking Sector’ (CBLP Seminar, School of Law, University of Leeds, February 2015)
  • Lerong Lu,‘Runaway Bosses in China: The Prevalence of Private Loans and the Regulatory Implication’ (CBLP PhD Conference 2014, School of Law, University of Leeds, November 2014)