L Lu, ‘Fintech and Challenger Banks in the UK: Gap Fillers or Real Challengers?’ in JIBLR (2017), Vol.32(7)


In July 2017, Dr Lerong Lu published an article in the  Journal of International Banking Law & Regulation. It examines the rising financial technology (or fintech) sector in the UK and globally, by focusing on digital-focused challenger banks like Shawbrook, Aldremore and Atom Bank. The article provides an in-depth analysis of relevant regulatory issues, including how fintech activities fit into the UK’s twin-peak regulatory framework, the “unfair” capital requirement for challenger banks, financial security and data protection, and the FCA’s sandbox. The author argues that the financial authority shall level the playing field for disruptive challengers in order to boost competition and deliver better financial services for consumers.

Citation: Lerong Lu, ‘Financial Technology and Challenger Banks in the UK: Gap Fillers or Real Challengers?’, Journal of International Banking Law & Regulation (2017), Vol.32(7), pp.273-282.
Publisher: Sweet and Maxwell
Key Words: Banking Law, Financial Regulation, Financial Conduct Authority, Fintech, challenger bank, regulatory sandbox

Download this paper from Academia.edu

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